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  • The Beginnings of a Conversation

    08/28/09, Suzanne Taylor for OpEdNews

    A very thorough, current piece about the circles by Doug Morrison that appeared in OpEdNews.

  • Crop Circles Call for New Attention by Suzanne Taylor

    08/12/09, Suzanne Taylor for Merlain News

    We love our science fiction, but we titter when we talk about UFOs. What never gets discussed is how valuable it would be if extraterrestrials turned out to be the real deal. If we had our heads on straight, instead of raising our eyebrows at reports of sightings, we would be investigating them...

  • Are Crop Circles 'Contact'? and then What?

    06/01/09, Suzanne Taylor

    There's a connection that comes to mind between Bernie Madoff and the crop circle phenomenon. My new documentary, What on Earth?..."Inside the crop circle mystery," talks abut the circles being ignored in part because of a deep seated aversion people have to being conned. Best to mock the idea that the circlemakers could be from elsewhere in case it turns out that hoaxers are perpetrating a fraud on gullible 'believers'...

  • Two Major Media Articles On The Scientific Evidence For Crop Circles

    09/15/02, Julie Cohen and Stuart Conway for The Crop Busters

    Two new substantial mainstream articles on the work of the BLT Research Team outlining the latest scientific evidence for a real phenomenon, from The Sunday Times in the UK and the Providence Journal in the USA. Featured are key soil studies from the 1999 Edmonton, Alberta seven circle barley formation. Text copies below.

  • Crop Circle Q & A With Suzanne Taylor

    2002, Suzanne Taylor and William Andy-Dog Ridinger