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  • "At all costs, don't miss What on Earth? because you think it might be woo-woo. It is anything but. It deals intelligently, scientifically, and with a sweet sense of grandeur with the globe's most persistent and beautiful mystery, the phenomenon known as crop circles. It easily dispenses with the preposterous notion that the vast majority of these beautiful formations in the world's fields are human-made, and it explores with depth and cunning just how and why they might be here. If you have an inkling of adventure and even a small opening of curiosity to other potentialities, or simply want to blow off limitations on your imagination, you will savor this lovely and pleasant voyage, guided by filmmaker Suzanne Taylor, into the realms of the magnificent and our human relationship with it. Beyond that, this is also a good, spellbinding story and flick, as Taylor documents the utterly entertaining real world that lies beyond the nonsense world of mass media."

    Jay Levin, Founder and former Editor in Chief, Los Angeles Weekly
  • "What on Earth? is very good. Very comprehensive. You did a very good job. It's the most bizarre phenomenon ever. I'm totally open to whatever the explanation might be. Good luck with it."

    Robert Aaronson, Head of Distribution and Sales for Netflix
  • "Very interesting. A superb production, indeed."

    Brad Steiger, Host - Jeff Rense Show
  • "Crop Circles? Think they sound bizarre, improbable, other worldly? Think again, or think anew. Suzanne Taylor is a sensible cultural investigator, a thoughtful analyst, a visionary who goes outside the box of conventional and superficial wisdom to suggest other worlds of possibility. Her new film will turn your head around in a world where the interest in the extraterrestial is growing, a world where rationality is so often irrational. See this movie and refute it if you can. It's news not yet in the news."

    Danny Schechter, News Dissector -
  • "Excellent and thought provoking. Certainly the best exposition of crop circles I ever have seen. I think you've done a brilliant job of bringing all the mysteries together and thoroughly debunking the debunkers."

    Graham Hancock, Author - "Supernatural"
  • "What on Earth? is simply made and direct, and probably all the more so because of that it's powerfully effective and provocative. Certainly there is so much more to this phenomenon than I could have imagined from news reports or bits that I have seen. It makes me wonder if I should start believing in God again."

    Larry Jackson,
  • "This is the best presentation I have ever seen on crop circles, and no doubt the definitive work on this phenomenon. I was greatly impressed by not only the individuals you interviewed, but your style of interviewing. You brought a relaxed approach to the method of interviewing, and gave your subjects a comfort zone that allowed them to freely express their thoughts. I learned more about crop circles in 80 minutes than I have learned in the decade I have been researching them."

    Patrick Cooke,
  • "The movie is terrific! I showed it to a group of twelve colleagues before a dinner meeting, having told them to come early for a special treat. You've done a marvelous job."

    Joanna Macy,
  • "Your film is brilliant! It has touched me in a deeply profound way. This film is exactly what the crop circle phenomenon so desperately needs right now, a medium in which the masses can begin to understand and take seriously this incredible phenomenon. The material is presented in a way that anyone, from your grandmother to a deeply committed crop circle researcher, is given the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of this truly wondrous and terribly important phenomenon. The only question I have is, "How can such a tremendously complex, precise, and beautiful anomaly, with so much physical evidence in regard to the bending of the stalks within the circles, be brushed off as a bunch of drunk people with boards on their feet?" This film will help you understand that some of these formations would take days to be created by a group of extremely well trained people, and yet they materialize in a matter of hours. It is my personal feeling that What on Earth? has the potential to open doors of the heart and mind that were previously welded shut! If there is ANYTHING else I can do to help get the word out, please just let me know what I can do!"

    Ben Buisson , Small Business Owner
  • "I have shown your brilliant film several times to different friends and all have been very moved and impressed by your magnificent work. Congratulations on a spectacular effort. It truly deserves to be seen by millions of people."

    Chris Steele, Artist
  • "I loved loved loved it! What a magnificent presentation! It is by far the most comprehensive, well-balanced, and heart-centered overview of crop circles I have seen.You mention that you wanted to make the best video about it ever, and you have succeeded gloriously! Thank you for your sincere heartfelt dedication to this project. I love the crop circle phenomenon and take great inspiration in knowing that it is getting to more and more people -- and you are a major vehicle for this service! Keep up that great work and thank you for all you have done and are doing."

    Alan Cohen, Author and Teacher
  • "If you've always believed in the UFO phenomenon but embarrassment, ridicule and good-old fashioned peer-group pressure has held you to silent ransom... Then What on Earth? is for you and your critics. Buy it - sit everybody down - and press PLAY... Watch as this incredible documentary transforms the lives of those around you. Listen - as your audience, one-by-one, moves through an "aha" experience. Once you watch this documentary there is no going back. Your old reality will be swept away replaced by a whole new paradigm of thought and possibility. This is the most mind expanding documentary you will ever see."

    Stephen Amis, Filmmaker
  • "I saw your brilliant film at Chet Snow's conference. I was the one in tears of joy. Well, actually, there were probably several of us! Continued luck and love in your work to bring us these amazing phenomena and the light and joy the circlemakers remind us we are here to be."

    Jane Hawthorne
  • "I LOVE your documentary!! I think I've watched it ten times, it's so exciting to see and learn about the crop circles! You go girl!!"

    Suzanne Kai, Executive Producer StudioLA.TV
  • "I cannot praise it highly enough. Not only does What on Earth? present numerous enchanting pictures of crop circles accompanied by beautiful background music, but it also includes fascinating stories, explanations and conjectures about this phenomenon by people who have personally experienced it. Something extraordinary is happening on Earth, and it is probably much more important to all of us than we can imagine. If you are at all interested in the nature of reality beyond the narrow consensus views promoted by our mainstream media and institutions, then you owe it yourself to see this film. I guarantee you won't be disappointed."

    Roy Gibbon, Author
  • "Absolutely stunning film"

    Bob Hieronimus, 21st Century Radio/Future Talk
  • I have seen numerous crop circle films but this one really spoke to my heart. Well done. I showed my class and they loved it. I will have you on my radio show."

    — Cariel Quinly, Author
  • "Your video nails the rational thinkers. Wow, you nail it big time. You're the first croppie producer to explain sacred geometry in a manner that can be easily grasped by mainstream folk."

    Marshall Masters, Host - Cut to the Chase Radio
  • "I really loved your movie. I think that it's one of the best crop circle movies I have ever seen. I'm trying to put my finger on why, and perhaps your sincerity and love of the circles comes through. Also your filming is really excellent, and those views of Wiltshire surrounding the crop circles -- magnificent."

    Barbara Ross, Artist
  • "Your documentary encourages (and compels) the viewer to perform a simple human task: to ask questions and demand answers. Isn't that what any mystery of nature tempts us to do? Hop aboard this gently moving train to a destination that reveals itself during the journey!"

    Larry W. Bryant, Author
  • "Do you wonder why you don't hear much about crop circles anymore? Do you think crop circles have all been explained as hoaxes? Well, think again! Suzanne Taylor and her team have done a wonderful job of presenting the deepening mystery behind the crop circle phenomenon. I have watched this DVD several times now and I highly recommend it."

    Dee Andrew, Host - Eye to the Sky Radio
  • "As an amateur crop glyph 'researcher' for the last decade I must congratulate you on making the best film so far on the subject. I think you have a winner, and anything we could do to help or share our work with you for the sake of this film we would be glad to give."

    Victor Goss, Filmmaker
  • "A-amazing to say the least. In all my experience and research in this field I do believe you are on the right path of cosmic consciousness. This should be shared to the entire human family."

    Paul Shishis
  • "I love the fact you have included SO many of the formations I dowsed genuine with powerful energies. Suzanne, SURE you don't dowse just a little? And the report where the Japanese group meditated for a formation and one appeared the day after, that one dowses powerful for me, so they were answered. WOW. You have included so many good parts it's hard to pick out the best. I love the film. The balance is right where you take the people on a wonderland trip through the fields, JUST enough of everything to allow your brain to interact with the film and form opinions. Nothing heavy with the science, just the right mix I believe. WELL DONE. Suzanne, you have a heart of gold AND it shows."

    Michael Newark, Dowser featured in the film
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you and congratulations for the brilliant DVD on Crop Circles. I saw you at Glastonbury recently (I live there) and think your DVD is the best one I have seen. It is a joy to see all the much loved faces and hear their wisdom and of course the amazing filming of the circles. I think the whole thing was put together beautifully. Thank you once again."

    Val Heath
  • "I just watched the movie and I am so impressed with the wonderful work you did. Thank you so much for bringing this phenomenon to the public. I have been fascinated by crop circle formations since their first documented appearances, and you did a great job in bringing it all together, with the different interviews and even the 'fakers.' Congratulations! We forwarded one copy to our great channel JZ Knight, and I am sure that she will also be impressed. Thanks again and God bless you!"

    Cordula Herzog-Hall
  • "Hi there. I've just watched your film last night  and can't stop thinking about it. The images keep coming into my mind whilst I'm trying to do other things. We have a small art gallery tea shop restaurant place in a very busy market town in the middle of France...thank you for opening my eyes a lot wider."

    Joff Williams
  • “I just finished watching your marvelous film It brought me to tears. What a masterwork that you have created. You are the Mark Twain of crop circles.”

    J. Paul De Vierville, Professor of History and Humanity
  • "I love What on Earth? It is amazing. I feel you have a huge success on your hands and this can be sold to a major distributor."

    Randy Fuhrman, Randy Fuhrman Events
  • "Suzanne, the film is everything I knew it would be and more. I don't think anyone else in the world could have this inclusive, non-judgemental approach and do it so well as you have. All the people surrounding the circles are stayers, recognized from the previous film, creating a tight support network and come across so well, learned and instinctive.  Great to see Daniel Pinchbeck and his ideas come across so well, and your instinct is beyond reproach. Absolutely adored the conversation going on with the Crop Circle Montage Extra. Superb. Your alternative intro is magnificent, and I do love how you show the transition you made, (love the early pics!!) and it just comes across as so real and human. The Mighty Companions logo is superb too. What can I say but I loved it. I want to watch it again and again. Of course the circles are perfect, as Michael points out so wisely, as they are done in the spirit of pure and divine co-operation, with love/intelligence in balance, which proves they come from higher realms.  Wow, I am continuing to spread the word, much gratitude to you for your commitment to this subject, it has taught me a lot and continues to teach me,"

    Monika Roleff - Australia
  • "One of the most solidly-grounded, fairest and insightful treatments I’ve seen regarding the Crop Circle phenomenon. Just viewing the images of these amazing formations is sufficiently mind-boggling, but learning of their history and characteristics is a life-lesson in itself. I particularly enjoyed the last half, containing the insightful interviews with crop circle researchers and theorists. I call them 'True Scientists.' Now, if only mainstream science would follow their lead. But that would be heresy."

    Matthew Thuney, Director of the Center for Ontological Action
  • "I think this was one of the greatest events of my life, to see your film. I am deeply impressed with it and would like to write about it in the chapter on UFOs in my new book, The Little Green Book on Awakening."

    James George, Canadian diplomat
  • “Much about the crop circles was new to me and just made me shake my head and say to myself, in amazement, 'Wow....,' even more. Truly a mystery. This does indeed sound like your Grail quest: finding a way to link the circles with the salvation of our spiraling, out of control world.”

    Jim Dreaver, Author
  • “Your movie is very tasteful and tantalizing and not pushy, and certainly giving your audience a chance to think for themselves and ... above all to feel the emotion of 'wonder.' Oh, my God, what if it were true? And the art. Damn, I believe it is real art ... so so beautiful and clean and clear! You did a good job and it is a gift to the world ... thank you. I am very proud to know you.”

    Boyd Willat, Developer of the Dayrunner Planner and the Sensa Pen
  • “Your DVD, What On Earth? , is just marvelous!! I've watched it two times since receiving it and so enjoyed the comments and thoughts of those you've interviewed - the 'cream of the crop'! It directly addresses the most profound issues surrounding the whole phenomena. Thanks so much for making it. I was impressed with CROP CIRCLES:Quest for Truth - this one is another impressive film that takes the whole subject further.”

    Elizabeth Rossen, Artist
  • “Congratulations on an excellent job. The videography, editing, music and narration are all very well done. Most importantly, you managed to capture the beauty and mystery of the circles and present their wonder without any distracting diversions into dubious beliefs. Your own narration is particularly good with clarity of both voice and thinking. I hope it finds the attention it deserves.”

    Dr. Walter Starck, Publisher Golden Dolphin Video CD Magazine
  • “Just watched your DVD. What good work! I was disappointed when it suddenly stopped. I wanted to see more. Good to wet people's appetite. I like you as the narrator and thus made it a personal journey. This is a very smart approach. The editing is good and the speakers are first class. Your presentation is very professional and smartly written. Bravo!”

    VV Hsu, Filmmaker
  • Your film is exquisite -- so professional, so enlightening. And incredible editing: it flows.

    Victoria Moran, Author
  • “It’s a marvelous film. Wonderful work. I loved all of it and all the colorful characters you interviewed! Congratulations!”

    Brian Swimme, Author and mathematical cosmologist specializing in the evolution of the universe
  • "You are the perfect guide asking the right questions and interviewing many who cast insights, scientific reasoning and comparative studies to help us approach understanding of what is clearly beyond our comprehension. My husband, a trained scientist was skeptical and afterward shares more of my wonderment. Thank you for your dedication over more than 15 years in creating what promises to be a special film for our times that helps to bridge the gap between the past of Stonehenge and mysticism and Sputnik and skepticism. I intend to share the information about your new documentary with many. Anyone who cares about the earth should see this film."

    Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. / Dr.Toy TM
  • "Your film is marvelous - really exciting and also very beautiful and poetic. I watched it entranced and really felt the presence of that consciousness that is trying to connect with us and wake us up. It does feel as if we are being nudged towards a line we have to cross, to become more conscious. To be invited to do so by patterns as beautiful and intricate and mathematically eloquent as these, is wonderful. If we could, like the alchemists, be brought to the point of "squaring the circle" that would be remarkable - if only. You have really achieved what you set out to do. Many, many congratulations."

    Anne Baring, Jungian analyst and author
  • "What can I say, IT IS FABULOUS! You should be very happy and proud of this accomplishment. It has great imagery and real depth. Makes me want to book a plane to England to view and experience the new circles. How inspiring. Just the right boost needed. I intend to share it with all who are open to see. Love to you for sticking with the hard work and producing such a thought provoking product."

    Karen Bouse, Artist
  • "I was so moved. You did a fabulous job. Of course it is still such a disappointment to me that this subject is so hidden from the population. I was glad to see how you addressed that in the piece and hopefully it will open up the possibility of educating the public and get exposure into what this all means to our lives and the planet. I am having a gathering next week to show it to several people and will begin giving it to people to not only watch but hopefully expose to all their friends. I plan to try and get it to be sold in places like Agape."

    Mona Brookes, Author and founder of Monart Drawing Schools
  • "Beautiful work, Suzanne. I have been following the "Crop Circle Mystery" since the early '90s, know how important the phenomenon is, and thank you sincerely for doing such an excellent job of presenting the history, context, and diverse viewpoints. Bravo!"

    Jay Bremyer, Novelist, essayist and poet
  • "I want to get the word out in as many ways as are possible to support you in putting What on Earth? into millions of hands. In my opinion, this is such a remarkable piece! Not only is it clear and informative for the folks that are new to this subject, but it is thrilling and juicy for me, a Croppie for 13 years. I am enjoying sharing it with visitors and just ordered another to pass around as a loaner. Thank you, thank you for a brilliant and expansive film. I particularly appreciate the We Are One consciousness that weaves throughout."

    Mudita ZuVuYah
  • "I LOVED your documentary...and the world REALLY NEEDS all that information that you gathered. Just fascinating! I've always loved metaphysical, other-worldly things since I"ve been 15. I researched all topics myself (no matter what anyone told me)...UFO's, abductions, coverups, all spiritual places, mountains, on earth, life after life, pyramids, spiritual places,astrology, astronomy, etc. I'm open-minded about all that, listen to others, and research myself...and I'm a believer! There's just SO MUCH out there in the world to explore! We are a relatively new planet in the galaxy (of thousands of galaxies!). To think we are the most advanced civilization is ludicrous!"

    Joan Hirsch, Massage therapist
  • "After letting you know how much I liked the film, my (adult) son watched What on Earth? once, then a second time, then a third time,and has been picking at it a fourth time, all in a few days. I have never seen him do anything like this. Keep up the wonderful work."

    Geoffrey Ransford
  • "Every time I watch there are profound changes in me. I'd love to promote this all I can, to get as many people as possible to buy it and share the amazing experience of being transformed."

    Gail-Elizabeth England